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Volando en Sopó y el Cañon del Chicamocha, Colombia.


Ljubljana, Slovenia (by Darko Eterovic)

St. Michaels tower, Bratislava. (by Barbara)

Colourful Bratislava. (by Barbara)

Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria. (by Barbara)

Main Square, Bratislava, Slovakia. (by Barbara)

Bratislava - Vienna

A couple of weeks ago, me and my friends started to search for tickets. We didn’t have a certain destination, we just wanted to get out and see a new place. We found cheap tickets for Bratislava and we instantly booked them. The next day, we saw that Vienna is very close to Bratislava, so we decided to spend 2 days to each city.
We reached Bratislava 2 days ago and I have to say it was incredible. We were all so amazed by that city. Beautiful architecture, friendly people, plenty of restaurants, pubs, delicious food, music and so on. We stayed to the Taurus Art Hostel, which was very beautiful, cheap and clean. The rooms were music themed, like the Jazz room, the Blues room, etc (we had the RnB room, not really my music style but still it was great). We tried some traditional dishes, lots of them actually! They were all so delicious. I mostly liked bryndzové halušky and tatranský čaj. From all the places we went to, I loved Barrock, a great rock bar, with amazing music and design, the Slang pub at the Hviezdoslav square, where we drunk slovak beer, the Music Gallery bar, where we listened to a local band playing beautiful ethno-gypsy-balkan music and Bratislavská reštaurácia, a wonderful restaurant where we tried traditional slovak cuisine. We also visited the Castle, which was also beautiful and luckily we got nice weather, so we were able to walk a lot.
Now, we’re in Vienna. We went to the national history museum in the afternoon, but the weather’s been cold and rainy and we couldn’t see much today. Nevertheless, Vienna seems also great, we have lots to discover.
One thing’s for sure, Bratislava was absolutely fantastic, such a vivid city, full of music, beauty and wonderful food and drinks. We had so much fun! I’ll definitely go back someday. Hope Vienna will give us wonderful moments as well.

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